Wednesday, October 27, 2010

First Graders Are Funny

As part of my new job, I work in a first grade classroom three days per week. I love it. Six-year-olds are hilarious.

Every morning the teacher gives the class a prompt for a journal entry. But today the teacher was feeling sick and I assume didn't feel like dealing with it, so the class was allowed to write whatever they wanted. Most of the kids sat there for a while until they came up with something, but this one little girl got straight to work. I went over to see what she came up with. See if you can decipher this first grader's spelling, I'll post the "translation" in the comments. (The title should be a hint since I helped her spell it.)

I wut to tocbat fanle is viara sethl byecase its fnu to have a fanmle.


  1. "I want to talk about family is very special because it's fun to have a family."

    And I hope that she just ran out of time, or else two of her family members have no torsos. Or maybe they're just naked?

  2. Reminds me of the berd that few and few and few. I don't believe he even stopped to have a derik. LOL

  3. LOL My fanle is sethl, too!! Especially my grandaughter that loves six year olds! They're so lucky to have you, Kir...

  4. hahaha! i get an A bcz i red it rite!
    keep the blog posts coming!!

  5. omg that is so cute! I love kids of that age, if I was going to teach I think k-3 would be my ideal age range. SO cute.

  6. LOL! How cute!! Little kids are so funny!