Thursday, September 2, 2010

Making Ourselves at Home

Apologies! I've stayed away way too long. But here I am, returning to the blog-o-sphere. Since I arrived in California 2.5 weeks ago, there's been a lot of cleaning, fixing things up, and sitting around the house waiting for Verizon installers/repairmen to show up. Seriously, we've spent at least three entire days waiting around for these guys (or more? I've lost track). We've also waited for satellite guys, tree guys, and IKEA delivery guys (more on that later). Having all these "guys" makes us feel like real, responsible homeowners. Check out what we've done with the place!

Here's our living room! Most of what you see here can be found at your local IKEA! Lol, really, it can. The two comfy couches Marcus found at a steal from Craigslist: $30 for both of them! The couches were actually my favorite simple project we've completed so far: both couches were super low and saggy when we got them. You know, the kind of couch that you sit on and have to get someone to pull you back out of? We found some wood table legs and hardware at Home Depot and screwed those puppies on! Granted the legs and hardware cost more than we originally paid for the couches in the first place but whatever..

Here's a pic of Marcus' little desk nook behind the couch. I thought it was kinda weird to stick a desk there but it works. We needed to break up the room somehow because it's big! If you're wondering why there is a bike stuck in there, it's because the rest of the room looks like this:

That's what an entire kitchen looks like, disassembled, in boxes. We have yet to think about how we're going to tackle this project, but I'll be sure to blog about it when we do.

Here's a bit of the bedroom. I like how the bed looks all dressed up like it's in a hotel or something. It's hard to get a good pic of the whole room, but here's some more.

I've put less thought into the bedroom so far, so this is pretty much it. Like by big new floppy beach hat? It's actually sitting on a makeup mirror but I like how it looks like its own hat stand. The big ugly wall thing is a heater - there are two of them in the house. Any ideas for making it look less ugly? Oh, and see that little pic propped up on top of it? Take a closer look:

That's M and me, drawn by me, based on the artwork of Nan Lawson. I drew it for him for his birthday this year, my only complaints are that our little faces don't look happy enough, and my feet are floating above his. Other than that, I love it, especially the little individual whiskers that make up his beard.

So there ya have it! How do you make a house a home?


  1. Great job Kir! And I love the drawing. Can't wait to see the kitchen going up. Don't forget to buy a nice, long level.

  2. Finally!!! I've been waiting and waiting for a California post! Love what you've done so far, and a kitchen will be nice. :)
    I never realized you were an artist. Great picture! Perfect likeness of you both...

  3. cool! i like your color scheme of pale blue with pops of red, very nice! you've done great so far. and as for your drawing, you are not floating above him, it's just the perspective-you are simply farther behind him! keep us posted on the rest of the house.