Monday, September 13, 2010

Kitchen Destruction, Part II

Kitchen demolition has been somewhat slow going, mostly because of the constant looming feeling that we don't know what we're doing. We've been guessing and second guessing and researching each step of the process as we go along. To delay the big part of the job (removing the sink cabinet unit and counter), we've killed some time patching holes. Many, many holes. Holes in the paint, holes in the walls, basically the whole thing is one holey hole!

Marcus has pretty much mastered the Ready Patch - he's already gone through these two cans and we definitely need at least one more to repair the damage we did today.

I started by removing the toe kicks around the base of the cabinet while Marcus assessed the plumbing situation. This is where the internet came in because the extent of his plumbing experience thus far has been installing a new shower head and fishing my roommate's earring out of our sink's  U-bend. He eventually got everything disassembled (after turning off the water and power, of course) and then got cracking.. Literally!

He bashed out the "backsplash" and began prying off the counter. I put it in quotes because there was only one row of tile on the wall, but it still did a pretty significant amount of damage coming down. Check out this hole!

I tried to put my thumbs up there for scale but it's actually making the hole look smaller than it is. It's about as big as my fist. Though I do have small fists. And I could probably never punch through a wall. Anywho.. this hole means another trip to the Depot and a purchase of some mesh tape to fix this lovely hole.

Marcus finally got the entire counter out in sections. Notice I haven't said "we" in any of these descriptions. That's because it became apparent to me that the noise and the mess combined with the fact that neither of us really knew what we were doing was really just too stressful for me, and the stress was turning me into a "backseat demolitionist." So I removed myself and worked on another project to keep myself busy, which I will post about soon. So after HIS long day of work, we dragged the unit out into the yard and were left with this:

One problem we see now is the floor, or lack thereof. The IKEA base cabinets come with adjustable legs to allow for slight differences in the level-ness of the floor, but this is kind of a big difference. We're thinking we'll just fill the hole with a few sheets of plywood. But check out the sweet linoleum we found underneath!

I believe my grandma actually still has a very similar pattern in her kitchen!

Tomorrow I'm ready to see a really serious transformation - we hope to get all the walls patched, sanded, and primed, so that the following day we can paint them in the color we selected called "Freshcut Honeydew." Yay!

What are your best painting tips?


  1. Good progress! Can't wait to see what's next!

  2. I enjoy your attempts to provide scale in pictures, it always makes me smile :)

    Is it bad if I kind of like the old floor?

    Freshcut honeydew sounds dreamy, looking forward to the next post!

  3. PS - Marcus, take a break and get some sun!

  4. What fun!! Although that's a rather pained expression on Marcus's face...
    I have been doing a lot of painting recently, and my only tip is to use a good primer.

  5. Lol, I think he's trying to look tough. We're probably over-priming, doing at least 2-3 coats over the discolored parts of the walls since our paint color is so light, we're worried it will show through. Luckily most of it will be covered my new cabinets!

  6. Hi Kira! Wow, I'm impressed that you're handling the kitchen demolition yourself. I would royally screw it up. Good luck!

  7. whoa marcus, the glare, the glare!!! hahaha
    you guys are doing a great job!

  8. Everyone's a critic! My hands are an interesting mix of white spackle and freshcut honeydew at the moment.