Monday, August 9, 2010

Upgrade!! and Setting Out

As a graduation gift, my parents gifted me my mom's 2004 Honda CRV in exchange for the 1999 Nissan Altima they got for me about a year ago. Upgrade!! 

Of course all of my stuff had already been packed in the old car to move out of Boston, so Marcus and I had to move it to the new car (in about 94˚ heat) before we set out tomorrow morning. Yes, I said tomorrow!

Him moving, me supervising. Hey, I already packed it up once!!

We have done minimal planning for our trip, but that may be the best way. We're going to try to make it to Chicago tomorrow, which will be about 13 total hours of driving.

Monkeying onto the roof with Dad to secure what I have dubbed the "roof pocket."

From Chicago we're going to take historic Route 66, which will take us all the way to California. Route 66 has been somewhat of a passion of Marcus' since he was in seventh grade, so I think he's pretty excited. I'm looking forward to seeing natural wonders like the Grand Canyon and the Petrified Forest, but also Route 66's famous novelties like the Cadillac Ranch and the Wigwam Motel. We will try to keep up with blogging as much as possible on the way but we're not sure how much access to wifi we'll have. For updates throughout the way, follow our Twitters at @kmbender and @mmoche.


  1. Route 66!! How cool is that!
    Have a wonderful, SAFE trip, and more importantly, be happy and healthy as you begin this adventure to a new life in California.
    I love you both...