Monday, July 19, 2010

Taking Steps: I Sold My Furniture!

In my first post, I spoke about being infamous for starting but not finishing projects. Well, another reason I'm infamous is my stuff and my mess. Somehow, after five years of living in Boston, I've acquired more stuff than anyone I know. Unfortunately, what comes with stuff is also mess. Since I was a kid, my bedroom has been a mess. I really have no explanation for this. I am a super organized person in every other aspect of my life. I keep a calendar online which I sync with my phone. Before going somewhere new, I research to have at least one set of directions and one back up plan. Speaking of plans, I plan EVERYTHING. But my bedroom has always been some version of this:

Me in my room during freshman year. To be fair, I shared a double room in a five person suite and had very little space to myself. But really, I have no excuses. And yes, I'm pretty sure I slept with most of those clothes in my bed also.

But anyway, clearly I can't take all of my stuff (and my mess) on a cross-country road trip. I can take exactly one carload. The first things to go was my furniture. I posted an ad on Facebook about a week ago expecting little or no response, since Boston's unofficial "moving day" is September 1. Since so many residents of Boston are college students, most apartment leases begin and end on September 1, right before the start of classes. So I posted, thinking someone might tell me they wanted the stuff in a few weeks, but lo and behold, a friend of mine had just moved, and wanted it all. I sold her my bed, mattress, dresser, couch, and two bookshelves. On Saturday, my bedroom looked like this:

That wrinkly mass in the middle is where I was sitting to attempt to make some sense of all that crap.

Holy stuff, Batman! Having everything out on the floor like this forced me into starting my sorting and packing routine. In exchange for the furniture, I got a check for a couple hundred bucks and an air mattress to borrow for the next few weeks. The stuff has since been moved to the outskirts of the room so I can sleep. Some has been sorted, but there's still a lot of work to do!


  1. Good start, and this time I'm sure there will be a finish! There has to be, right?

  2. oh, the STUFF of life! i too, have way too much stuff. maybe i should move cross country so i am forced to weed out! good luck.

  3. If you ever need to call a witness to your, ehem, disheveled way of living, you have my number!