Monday, July 26, 2010

It's Happening!!

Edited for security, obviously. : )

As I mentioned before, I'm a planner. So in general, it's hard for me to just "go with the flow." For the last several months, I've known that Marcus would be flying to the east coast at some point to join me (and my stuff) for the roadtrip of a lifetime, but he was unable to set plans in stone due to his job search. Well, his flight has been booked, which means we'll be on our way shortly after that. We still don't have plans for the roadtrip (unless you count "Chicago and maybe the Grand Canyon" as plans for traveling 3000 miles), but more on that later. It's happening!


  1. well, go on...GIT!!! happy trails to ya!

  2. You go girl!! But try and add a few more interesting side trips...
    You know you will be travelling thru TN on I40 and that's just 20 min. from us. :)