Thursday, July 22, 2010

Guest Post: Our New House!!

This morning, Marcus finally got the opportunity to visit the house in Venice that we'll be moving into in a few weeks. He took a ton of pictures for me to blog about, but I figured that since he's the only one who's actually been there in person, it would probably be better coming from him. Luckily for me (and you!) he is also a fan of blogging (and writing in general) and gladly obliged. Here's a tour of our new house!

My maternal grandparents were Holocaust survivors. Both of them, my grandpa Dave and my grandma Mary, were in concentration camps and lived to make it to America. When they settled in LA, they led miserly lives, but not out of necessity. Grandpa had a successful neighborhood store that provided enough income for his family to live very comfortably, but instead concentrated on providing value to his children and grandchildren through smart investment. Much of this investment was property, and although I lost both of my grandparents in high school, their memory, their spirit, and their dedication to improving the lives of their children and grandchildren lives on.

My grandfather's store was in Venice. He also purchased a small home near the store, and that's the house pictured below.

This is the front of the house when you walk through the gate from Pacific Ave. The right side is kind of a stair-y ramp, and that path goes all the way to the driveway in back. The tree is growing slightly out of control and needs to be trimmed and guided away from the house.

Immediately to your left upon opening the gate, there's...this. I'm not sure what it is/was, but I'm thinking some stone pavers and a grill with some Adirondack chars and a small table would be a great addition to the front yard.

Looking back up the rampy stairs. The thing on the gate is a mailbox.

The living room is on your left after walking in.

The dining area to the right of the door and forward of the kitchen. The wall separating the kitchen from this area looks load-bearing, but could possibly be replaced with a beam or something...I'm not really sure, I'm a mechanical engineer, not a civil.

View from the kitchen to dining/living area. Note the deep cut from the yard to the house. Building on cut is always important when you live in earthquake-prone areas.

Looking from the hallway looking back into the living room and its ancient windows. It'll look nice with color and clean window treatments. The door is just to the left of the frame. The two windows on the right face directly into a wall. We might want to put in something like (faux) stained glass that will look pretty even when aimed at a wall.

I think the kitchen needs the most work of any room. It needs color and some sort of new storage solution, be it new cabinets that aren't made of metal or open shelving. I'd like to replace the counter top with butcher board or a more lively tile, but that's probably looking outside the short term window.

The laundry room at the far end of the kitchen. This is the other door to the house, accessible from the driveway with a wooden gate. A single unit washer/dryer combo thing would probably let us knock down the wall between the kitchen and laundry room for more space.

I love a bathroom with a window, but this one needs a mirror. It's not as small as I expected, which is nice.

The bedroom is small, but has two large closets, two windows, and a ceiling fan. And it needs paint immediately. It's likely Kira will take 1.5 closets and I'll get what's left. (Ha ha, at least!! -K)

The "view" from the bedroom will look much better with my blue Subaru in the frame.

As you can see, the "backyard" is more of a driveway than anything. Since there's extremely limited parking in the area, we'll probably both park back here. I might need to make the gate a little wider for comfortable parking. I also need to put up some sort of rain/sun/bird cover over the parking area to try and save the paint on my new car.

When you cross the street, you can walk down 27th which is this little pathway. See the lifeguard tower in the distance? Lots of cute little beach houses on this stretch.

At the end of the walkway, you get to the beach! That's the might remember it from "Flash Foward." Yes, we have some serious June gloom today, but all of this tends to burn off by 1 or 2 PM.

And that's the tour!


  1. I'd like to get my hands on that place! Lots of possibilities! And it's all a blank slate.

  2. What fun!! I know you will make it a home in no time at all. Just invite your mom to come for a month, and it will be done... :)